We, at Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living Duluth, MN are excited to have you on our team. You were chosen because we believe you have the passion and skills to make a difference for those we serve.

Even if you have been a personal care attendant or certified nursing assistant before, you will receive new training with our organization. Why? Because we want you to know how our assisted living is designed as well as policies and procedures. Once you fulfill your orientation you will be scheduled for job shadowing with another employee before you work your first shift by yourself.

We are a 24 hour operation and never shut down. Not many businesses fall into this category, but we do and therefore our seniors depend on responsible and dependable employees. Please reflect on your personal life to assure work/home balance. If you are in school, reflect on the balance you need to study and assure you can fulfill the shifts you state you are available for. As it is so often said……. Failing to PLAN is planning to FAIL. We want you to be successful, so choose to plan.
We recognize life plans change and if this occurs our seniors expect all employees to give a proper notice whether that is 2-4 weeks. This allows us to properly select the best new employee with your departure.

We recognize that most all people carry a cell phone 24/7. However, when you are at work, you are on the clock for the residents and therefore unless you are on call, or a licensed nurse, you will likely be asked to lock your phone in specific office place. Why? Because we all need to be 100 percent focused on our seniors….. not checking texts, talking with friends/family, not on twitter/Facebook or snap chatting. Our seniors deserve more and someday we will all want our caregivers undivided attention too. Plus all phones have cameras and a few years ago some aides in Southern Minnesota took inappropriate photos of seniors and it became a court case for violating vulnerable adults. Therefore, we have a policy to follow….. no cell phones while working and not on break.

If you use social media, please never post negative things about a co-worker or your employer. This is never the best option for conflict resolution. Instead talk face to face, and remember many people see things and whatever is posted is likely a very public, and most people expect professionalism and confidentiality. Public slander or bullying is never appropriate, and those who witnessing this can contact Human Resources anytime or the CEO.

We are all adults, so I expect adult behavior. Nothing in life is perfect and there are always ways to improve so bring your suggestions to us anytime. Remember, make a difference to your co-workers, family members and our residents. I was a nursing assistant for years, and it is still one of my all-time favorite jobs!

Let your light shine,

Natalie Zeleznikar, CEO
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator


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Independent & Assisted
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