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As the prior Administrator of Keystone Bluffs, I understand the unique role this property plays for seniors in Duluth, MN. Centrally located it is an amazing option for adult children to conveniently visit. It is close to the mall and easily accessible for Duluth and Superior residence off of 21st Avenue West and Highway 35. I was blessed with having my own grandma and several other family friends reside at Keystone Bluffs, and they all wished they had moved there sooner.

Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living led the way for this care model in 2000. For over 15 years, Keystone Bluff has maintained amazing occupancy because of its reputation. Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living has a reputation of leading the way and doing what is right for our aging seniors. In 15 years, we have never cut staff but rather increased staffing year after year to adjust to changing and increasing senior needs.

Keystone Bluffs is truly a beautiful building. However, I have always believed that what really matters is the staff. Once you pass by any beautiful chandelier, and walk through a beautiful new building, the most important quality to me is the ambiance of the building. In my personal and professional opinion this ambiance is only created by great and amazing people.
As a past nursing assistant and currently licensed nursing home administrator, I truly believe that beautiful buildings give us new opportunities to redesign how and where we live as we age. However, if and when you ever are dependent for the cares you need, a building will never provide this……but, great staff will. This is the legacy of Keystone Bluffs and our staff are proud of the 24 hour cares provided each and every day.


Natalie Zeleznikar, CEO
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator


Keystone Bluffs
Independent & Assisted
Living Apartments
2528 Trinity Road
Duluth, Minnesota 55811