Convalescent Home Duluth, MN |Senior Care | Keystone BluffsAt Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living, seniors must have self-preservation skills. As a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, I helped design a NEXT STEP for those who no longer have self-preservation skills. Convalescent Home Duluth, MN caters to seniors who do not have self-preservation skills. Here are some examples of seniors who do not have self-preservation skills:

1. The ability to pull their call light or call pendant for unscheduled services. This means a change of condition where they feel they need further assistance. The aides and nurses come into their room for scheduled events (medication administration, shower assistance etc.) In Between these times, a senior must be able to alert Keystone Staff for any change of condition for additional needs.

2. If a senior is no longer able to independently feed themselves. At Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living we do not feed seniors in their apartment or in the common dining room.

3. If a senior has a change in mental status where they exhibit qualities that become disruptive to their neighbors and or display qualities that may put themselves or others at risk of injury. Some examples may include:

  • Wandering down the hallway knocking on neighbors doors during the night when most are sleeping.
  • Smoking in the building.
  • Communicating to staff they will walk out of facility to find their home, or they impulsively act on leaving facility without notifying staff. There are log out books at both entrances for seniors to communicate if they are leaving property so Keystone Bluffs is not on “alert” for a missing person. However, if Keystone Bluffs has reason to believe a resident’s safety is at stake, they will contact family immediately. (For example….. resident is walking outside in winter without proper clothing and could freeze, resident mental status changes and walking off property to Trinity Road could put them in harm’s way.)
  • Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living is not a secure setting for those with advancing memory care needs. Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living does not provide 1:1 cares to assure seniors do not leave property and put themselves at risk.
  • A sudden change of condition where the senior is bed bound, or can’t come to dining room for meals.

4. If for any reason a senior at Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living requires a NEXT STEP, Diamond Willow Advanced Care Assisted Living homes was designed for them. Diamond Willow Advanced Care Assisted Living was designed as a mini-Keystone Bluffs with the best features of Assisted Living and fewer people under a roof for higher care needs. My own grandma spent several years at Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living, until becoming bed bound with shingles. With a new change in condition her COPD increased, and her mental status declined. Therefore in June of 2004, my own grandma was the first admitted to our Diamond Willow care model. Now all Keystone Bluff seniors have priority admission over the general public to Diamond Willow should they need a higher care level. Diamond Willow is conveniently located in Duluth-Lester Park, Proctor and Cloquet. When higher care needs occur, I am a firm believer that a smaller setting is best. Diamond Willow Assisted Living website


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