• As seniors age, their care needs may increase, therefore to minimize unnecessary moves, Assisted Living Facilities Duluth, MN offers additional care level packages. These additional care level packages are monthly fees based on RN assessed needs based on total points for physical or medical care beyond the “free” point’s levels in the premium care package base rent.

• At Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living, care levels may occur with blood glucose monitoring, toileting assistance, extensive care needs throughout 24 hour period etc. We offer (5) varying levels as an option for seniors when advancing physical and medical care needs occur. As needs change, The RN assessments occur and a new service agreement is done and signed by resident and/or responsible party to assure open communication on care needs and charges. Care level charges only apply to those who are private pay.

For those who are on elderly waiver (medical assistance through the State of MN) the assisted living provider must bill the state based on the approved care level needs as assessed by the appointed caseworker from the county or sometimes Medica, U-Care, or Blue Cross caseworkers. As care levels change, the amount billed to the State of Minnesota may also change. However, all service agreements still occur as well as State mandated forms.

• Seniors and family members can elect to hire any outside agency at any time if they choose to have higher care needs met from non- Keystone staff. Outside agency pricing per hour can vary and may be $25 per hour, and higher for RN involvement.

• Seniors and family members can elect at any time to consider nursing home placement if they choose to have higher care needs met. There are several daily rate charges at nursing homes and each nursing home has varying rates. However the average for shared room occupancy is $5,000-$7,000 per month. Those electing a private room may have to pay a private room differential.

• Those with call pendants may have an additional add on charge.

• Those who have a pet will have a onetime admission fee, and possible monthly fee if Keystone Bluffs staff are providing pet service cares.

• For private pay spouses there is a second person charge, and for those on Elderly Waiver (medical assistance) we accept the room and board rate for each person in a shared room as set by the State of Minnesota. This amount changes every year.


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